Sometimes, buying a trailer is the best solution. Sometimes it’s not. Here are 5 reasons to lease your next trailer rather than making that purchase:


Cash flow is important to your business. When deciding to buy or lease think about where you want to spend that cash. Is it better to commit it to a down payment or is it better off growing your business? Leasing provides you that flexibility. And not just in the sense of cash flow.


When the fleet you own cannot accommodate the demands of your customer, leasing can provide you with the right spec at the right time, saving you both time and money.  Peace of mind is knowing that your customer’s needs are taken care of. You will cover the demand all the while minimizing the cost of ownership.


Owning a trailer means maintenance costs fall solely on you. When you lease, you have a variety of maintenance programs to choose from. With our in house service department, experience quicker turnaround. And when components breakdown on the open road, we offer a mobile service. Crisis averted. 


When you lease, you have access to the latest technology in the industry without the responsibility of ownership. Owning a trailer can be high maintenance. High maintenance can lead to an inability to meet demands. Plus, when you lease, you are freed from the headache of trying to sell your asset leading to an increase in productivity. 


Leasing eliminates administrative and maintenance costs. Taxes, licenses, fees, inspections, maintenance requirements, and compliance are all things you don’t have to worry about when leasing. 

Understand there are benefits to both buying and leasing. And bottom line, it comes down to what is going to benefit your business the most. Our sales and management team has multiple decades of industry experience and can help navigate this decision process to find the best solution for your capacity needs. 

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